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Get some green for your machines!

Want cash? Finding the machines I need is easier than looking for a pot of gold. You don't need the luck of the Irish, just contact me now.

Machines Wanted:

Acme-Gridley 3/4"RA8, 1 1/4"RB8, 1 5/8"RBN8, 2 5/8" RB8
Barrett 1100E Chip Spinners
Bar Loaders Cucchi & Iemca
Citizen L20, M32, C16
Davenport 3/4" 5 spindle 1980+
Escomatic D6SR, D2, D5, 647CNC
Eurotech 730SLY, 420SLL-Y
Euroturn/Mori-Say 6/32,8/32
Gildemeister GM20,GM16,GM35,GMC20,GMC35
Hydromat HW25-12, Pro 20, HB45-12, HB32/45-16,
HS12, HS16, V-8, Inline Machines, Epic Units
Index MS32C, MS40C, MS40, MS22, MS25E, G200, G300, ABC
Miyano BNA42MSY, BND51
Mori-Seiki NLX-2500/700
New Britain Models 52, 62, 812
Schutte AF32SDNT, SG18, AG20, SF51, SF67
Star SR20RIV, SR32, ST-28, SV20J, SV32JII
Tornos Deco 10, 13, 26
Tornos SAS16, SAS16DC, SAS16.6, BS20
Tsugami SS20, SS32, BO126II
Wickman 6/26,1" 6, 1 3/4" 6, 2 1/4 6, 3 1/4 6, 644
Willemin 508MT, 408MT

Graff Machine Tools will purchase your surplus machines or sell them on consignment.

Retiring? We sell entire plants and departments.

Need more machines? We will find them for you!

For more information, contact Jim today!